Rite de passage – Antwerp

READSEARCH — PXL-MAD (Media, Arts, Design) School of Arts / Hasselt University —gave me the opportunity to organise and design the exhibition (and campaign) ‘Rite de passage’ @ Fameus during GAST, Hofstraat 15 in Antwerp. The event took place as a parallel programme besides ATypI 2018 (Typographic conference).

OPENING: Thursday, September 13, 20:30h
• Somebody Called me Sebastiaan
• Readsearch legibility research
• A lot of student work and work of alumni
• Letters out of stone by Jos Geusens
• Mural by Vincent de Boer
(bar closes @ 0:00h)

Exhibition running from September 8 until September 21
Mo-Fr 10-17h
Sa-Su 11-17h

‘Rite de passage’ features typographic work from students who followed or are following (typo)graphic education in Hasselt. The exhibition shows:
a) typefaces designed by bachelor and master students from the past 12 years at PXL-MAD School of Arts (under the supervision of Ann Bessemans and her READSEARCH colleagues);
b) a set of splendid typographical artefacts created by students under the supervision of the Graphic teachers.

Beside, Rite de passage also gives a platform to:
a) alumni who would like to exhibit more of their typographic work;
b) our student Kenneth Vanoverbeke who received a TDC scholarship;
c) the work of Jos Geusens (former student of Kristoffel Boudens) a Belgian stone letter-carver who gives workshops in Hoepertingen.

(Typo)Graphic Teachers: Ann Bessemans, Geoffrey Brusatto, Tom Lambeens, María Pérez, Maarten Renckens, Luc Rerren, Monique Rutten, Katleen Verjans & Johan Vandebosch

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