Publications in show Public Secrets of Bureau Europa

From 29.08 to 06.10.2019 the exhibition Public Secrets. An Architecture of Limburg’s Visual Culture. is displayed at Bureau Europa (Platform for architecture & design Maastricht).

The group exhibition Public Secrets provides the first impetus for a sample of this region’s current visual culture. Image, imaging, and image culture have a relationship to, even an unprecedented grip on, our Self-image.

“Janneke Janssen takes us on a mystical yet meticulously researched stroll through a local cemetery and on such a visual walk through the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, along depictions and representations of the Roman Catholic church and Mary in particular.”

“Graphic designer and researcher Janneke Janssen (1983, Koningslust) takes a different approach to reading her surroundings by folding time and place into each other in a search for connections that may or may not be there. She investigates local phenomena found in public space, such as a cemetery or a statue of Mary. Or she scours her family photo albums for religious imagery found simple gestures such as clasped hands – an internalised Catholic symbolism and visual language – and puts her findings into full-colour poster books. Her sharp observations string together symbols and rearranges them according to a new logic. As a (typo-)graphic designer, she then collates these rearrangements into a new structure that is presented in book form, in magazines or in posters. In the spirit of the Situationists, one can wander through a cemetery or along iconic images of women in the Euregio.”

With: Sara Bachour & Gladys Zeevaarders, Dear Hunter, Janneke Janssen, Tineke Kambier, Chris Keulen, Chaim van Luit, George Meijers, Tanja Ritterbex, Johannes Schwartz, Nic. Tummers, Michiel Ubels & Mike Moonen, Kim Zwarts & special guest Ken Knabb

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