• Book – Route guide through Garden of Silence

    As a subject, I chose the general cemetery on the Tongerseweg in Maastricht. I think this is a very special place because it tells you a lot about the city of Maastricht and its history. Therefore, it surprised me that it is not on the activities list of Tripadvisor and what you can do when you are in Maastricht. As an example; the city park and the St. Pieter mountain are on it, but this cemetery is not. That’s a pity and a missed opportunity for the city to highlight this special place. It is a common or general cemetery, which means, protestant, catholic, Jewish, Islamic, communist and other believers are buried here. You can also find many different types of flora and fauna (sometimes even protected), grave monuments and beautiful hiking trails. In other words, it includes more than a cemetery alone. With this information in mind, I wanted to create a catalogue and routes that highlight the cemetery in a slightly different way than that normally looked at a cemetery. The book I chose to create a catalogue and route overview in the form of a book that refers to a holy book such as the Bible, Bhagavad Gita or the Koran. The small size of the book makes it easy to carry. The layout of the new bible has also been implemented in the text spreads, the placement of the page numbers and the column breakdowns. The paper used is thin (biotop natural, 80 grams) and tinted. The paper has a somewhat old-fashioned look and feel and makes it possible to bind many pages into a relatively small book. The fonts used are: the Bodini (book) for the page numbers, the Trajan for the subject indications in the cemetery map, the Futura for the titles and the Caslon for the body texts. The routes are subdivided into a number of starting points that refer to the numbered boxes on the map of the cemetery. There are eight in total. They are included in the book as tabs between the routes and are printed on black paper (popset 80 grams) with a metallic gold print (RISO prints). This order is followed by pictures about subjects encountered on the route, divided into a grid of one, two or four pictures. All pictures have a number corresponding to the numbers at the back of the book back-cover. In addition, I tried to give this book a modern twist by using a magenta color on cut, in the ribbon and in the first chapter in the accompanying pictures. Mark / logo The figurative mark consists of a circle symbolizing infinity and showing the two entrances of the cemetery (the main entrance on the Tongerseweg and the entrance to the Javastraat. The grid visible in the circle is a piece of the walking route you could follow. The shape and symbolism I think also fit the overall symbolism and forms can be found at the cemetery. The cemetery is rather a nature park or park than a dull area sprinkled with arduin and marble stones. There is everything to see and learn in this garden of silence. Specifications: Format A6 164 pages Inside Tabs in RISO print Pages in full color print 90 gr2 Cycles offset Cover 600 gr2 cartboard Coptic bound Magenta edge on cut