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    Mindmapping Cookbook for BrainStudio Brainstudio’s mission is to enable individuals and organizations throughout the world to boost brain performance. The organisasions goal is to help people learn techniques to survive in the information age. BrainStudio delivers brain training courses to organizations, enabling directors, managers, consultants and other brainworkers to master techniques to help them perform their daily activities as effectively as possible.Participants will be trained to deal with the overload of information through faster learning, absorbing information more quickly, memorizing better and enhancing creativity. This is achieved through better working methods that encompass a combination of mutually reinforcing techniques. The mindmaping cookbook exist almost only of illustrations and no texts to explain in which order, how long, and how you have to cook a certain receipt. The idea is that mindmapping helps you to structure complex information, organize your thoughts, prepare projects, assignments, presentations and increase your creativity. I did the design of this nicely printed book during an intership at Ontwerpbureau b2b in Maastricht. Specifications: Format 18 cm x 14 cm 86 pages Inktjet print Inside Full color print 80 gr2 postoffice blue Cover Cartboard