• Hedah – The digital archive

    See the full digital archive on: archive.hedah.nl Due to a changed/changing timeclimate, in concrete terms another subsidiy policy and a certain compulsory coercion aimed at ‘social relevance’, it wasn‘t achievable for Hedah anymore to achieve her goals. This lead to the abrogation of the foundation in december 2015. I made sure that I digitalized the whole archive of the 20-year-old artist initiative. Together with the board, I collected the data and digitalised it to prevent this history to be lost. We have made use of flatbed scanners to maintain the authenticity of the documents as much as possible. Apart from these digital surroundings, I made a plan for an online-archive wherein the interested public can explore and combine for themselves. For making the concept of this online archive work, I turned to programmers who could make a database in which every category is linked/tagged to the larger whole. You can search on every link or tag we made, in a way it works a bit like Google. There is the option to filter certain categories out. The online environment starts with a large amount of cropped images. You can chooce if you want to navigate intuitive and get lost or by project, year, etc. Every project has the ability to have a popup which shows the links or tags which are pointed to the project. In my work as a graphic designer, I explored this content of the digital archive further in a book.