• Beholding Troyan Ceramics – Ivan D. Dobrev

    For the artist and fine arts teacher dr. Ivan D. Dobrev I was lucky to take the design to my account of the book Beholding Troyan Ceramics. The book shows Dobrevs' research of traditional ceramics from a broader and different perspective. It focuses specifically on the Troyan ceramic technique and ornamentation in the context of contemporary sculpture. The combination of both disciplines utilizes a new aesthetic vision, which aims the reform of the current Troyan (and the enrichment of) ceramics. This approach to contemporary art introduces an interdisciplinary exchange whose perception challenges the definition of 'decorative and applied' ceramics that elevates to another dimension. The book contains 28 essays and images of Dobrevs' work during the 6 years of his research. We choose to print the book on white Muncken polar paper to extend the idea of the clearness of the ceramics. The bookdesign follows the look and feel more like a novel than a thesis.   Specifications: 380 pages Muncken polar 350 / 100 gr2