EXIT 2018 – Master projects Visual Arts MAD & LUCA


EXIT bundles the graduation projects of the masters of LUCA School of Arts Campus C-mine Genk, PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt and the faculty of Architecture & Art at Hasselt University.

Each master project presented demonstrates the continuous interaction between education and research and the personal, creative development of the student.

The setting for the exhibition EXIT / 18 is CCHA. Cultuurcentrum Hasselt shows ‘word-image-music-dance’, supports artists and reflects on art and society.

Among others, my work – the periodical ISSUES no.1- is exhibit during EXIT. In this research project, I reviewed the history and future of ‘the book’ as a medium. Therefore, I looked at the structures of diverse religious books, other non-linear books and new media to design new interpretations of the book in a periodical of multiple parts.

This edition shows documentation that comprises different viewpoints on Mary devotion, its connection to religion and the role of women in society. The periodical is intended and can evolve further, as a platform where the participant maker and reader interacts and discuss social issues. My contribution to the (graphic)content is a personal research on- and interpretation of Mary devotion that took place in my surroundings, in tradition with the family heritage. Sometimes this is done in a critical, spiritual, cheeky, abstract, slightly feministic, rebellious or humorous way, but always subtle. The periodical resulted in a renewed, interactive and interlinked construction of the book(s), in which navigation is the key element.

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