Janneke Janssen

Typographic Design Research

ATypI Antwerp 2018

This Association of Typographique Internationale was held in Antwerp and offered a great cocktail of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, books and more from 11 – 15  September. Some great names that past by where; Matthew Carter, Underware, the men of Glyphs, Geertrui Storms, Patrick Goossens, Eric Menninga and on top of that also Gerard Unger came by for a booksigning of Theory of Type Design (September 2018).

Typo Berlin 2018

TYPO BERLIN 2018, MAY 17–19

‘People first!’

Debates about digitisation have reached a fever pitch. Almost every industry is talking about change, transformation, disruption, and radical shifts. But what are the requirements for that shift? How do we set it in motion, how do we measure it? What are its consequences? Trigger!

TYPO Berlin will be about the practise of change, about scenarios, about heroes and evaluation. It will be about big data and personal data. And the digital home. Do we really want one? The transparent consumer has long since become a reality. But some consumers have already begun covering their digital tracks. Trigger!

Triggering is everywhere, whether driven by human or artificial intelligence. It can come with deception (fake news) and with revelations (fact checking). It can trigger a personal recommendation or automated purchasing suggestion. A trigger is a key stimulus, a filter, and an impulse.

TYPO 2018 will explore the mechanisms of the digital transformation. And it will address the role of design in that process. It will challenge skills, methods, and tools. So – after mobile first and AI first – how about people first? Follow the debate. In Berlin. House of World Cultures. May 17–19. Trigger!’

During the conference there where interesting lectures about innovative ways of (future) publishing and reading.