AtypI 2020 – All Over

Association Typographique Internationale – Typography conference


READSEARCH hosted and partly performed live from V-LAB PXL, Hasselt (BE). READSEARCH, together with the Plantin Institute of Typography, showed knowledge clips and live discussions on 29 October 2020, from 13:30h-17:30h.

I made a knowledge clip of Typographic navigation in large-scale documents
Typographic navigational anchor points such as section markers, titles, and indices give direction in how narratives are built up and understood by its reader. This synergy of the complete set of the reading materials – on a (typo)graphic micro-, meso-, and macro-level – is of great importance to create an improved reading experience. Particularly in this digital era with ever-growing information flows and changes in our reading habits.
    The exploratory research is further taken into depth by means of a library of typographic experiments, design preference- and search task tests to discover where and how potential parameters interact and affect each other to improve (typo)graphic navigation in contemporary non-linear magazines with large-scale documentation. This clip will emphasise the question of what the magazine of the future could be while taking into account the discrepancy in merging empirical scientific- and intuitive practice-based typographic research, its opportunities, and difficulties.

This was the total programme:

–> READSEARCH: A series of case studies into experimental typography.

Ann Bessemans

Speakers for the educational knowledge clips
Deniz Kaya – MA student
Exploring educational picture books from the perspective of graphic and typographic design
Céline van Bakel – MA student
What role can typographic communication play (be more effective in awareness) in packaging, branding and ad campaigns as we continue to consume goods and services?
Aline de Feyter – MA student
The Encyclopedia of Number (non)sense?

Speakers for the research knowledge clips
Ann Bessemans
The automatisation of rhythm deduction in type
María Pérez Mena
Visual prosody to improve comprehension in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing adults

Kevin Bormans
Flandrien – Experiments in phonetic type design
Walda Verbaenen
A visual identity of a language according to its phonology

Milda Kuraitytė
The importance of Temporal Typography
Lieven Van Speybroeck
Textecutions – living archives that combine aspects of orality, script, print and digitality
Janneke Janssen
Typographic navigation in large-scale documents

An insight into the educational typographic approach ‘Typography and Design’ of the Plantin Institute of Typography Antwerp.

Thomas Crombez
Vladimir Ivaneanu
History of the Image
John A. Lane
History of printing types
Goran Proot
Paratext as the secret path for romanisation of vernacular books in the Southern Netherlands
Brody Neuenschwander
Hybrid script
Ann Bessemans
Legibility/Readability & Visibility
Chris Vermaas
‘The Typographic Book Cover’ and ‘Typographic Poster’
Petra Sell
Typography in app and web design systems
Heidi Waem
Font licensing agreements

A very nice certificate in the mailbox <3

Very thankful to have received mail with a certificate of typographic excellence from the Type Directors Club New York again in 2020!
And this time for the exhibition catalogue of Z33’s FORMAT 2019.

The designing process of the catalogue also helped -and still helps me- to improve my current legibility research in typographic navigation, @pxlmad, @universiteithasselt and @fwovlaanderen Thanks to all the people, especially of FORMAT 2019 & Z33, involved in the project’s process for making this happen!

For more information about the project: > FORMAT

As a winner of the communication design award the work is included in The World’s Best Typography, the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 41, and showcased in eight exhibitions that are touring cities in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan.


Leesbaarheidsonderzoek – Verschillende manieren van lezen 1

READSEARCH, MAD-Research, Hasselt

Als onderzoeker binnen het team READSEARCH van PXL-MAD/UHasselt, ben ik bezig met onderzoek in vormgeving, typografie, leesvoorkeuren en leesgedragingen met betrekking tot verschillende leesplatformen.
Denk hierbij aan het ontwerp van de tekst, de titels, afbeeldingen en hoe deze vormgegeven worden op een pagina in een boek, een magazine of op een website.

Het is in eerste instantie belangrijk om data van studenten te verzamelen, maar zeker ook van andere doelgroepen.
Voor dit onderzoek zou ik daarom ook graag jouw medewerking willen vragen. De test is geheel anoniem en duurt een kwartiertje. De resultaten zijn belangrijk voor verder onderzoek alsook voor innovatie van bijvoorbeeld boekvormgeving.

Deze enquête is voor de verandering heel visueel, afwisselend en inspirerend opgesteld. Daarnaast worden onder de deelnemers 25 unieke posters of postkaarten sets verloot. Ze zijn ontworpen met een Risograaf en worden verstuurd naar jouw adres. Laat dan wel in de laatste vraag van de enquête je contactgegevens achter. Deze persoonlijke gegevens worden niet gebruikt in de studie zelf.


As a researcher within the READSEARCH team of PXL-MAD/UHasselt, I explore design, reading preferences and reading behaviour concerning different reading platforms. Think of the design of texts, titles, images and how they are designed or linked together on a book page, a magazine or a website. I would like your cooperation with this investigation. The test is completely anonymous and takes a maximum of fifteen minutes. The results are important for further research, as well as for innovation of future book and magazine design. For a change, this survey is very visual and varied. Besides, I will donate and send out unique Risographed posters or postcard sets to 25 participants. Leave your contact details in the last question of the survey. This personal data is not used in the study itself.

(The questionnaire is still in Dutch only, sorry for the inconvenience.)

List of TDC65 exhibitions included Reading Mary Through Time & Space

The World’s Best Typography: The 65th Annual Exhibition of the Type Directors Club (TDC65)

4 – 28 March 2020
ST PAUL St Gallery Two
Auckland, Nieuw Zeeland

4 – 28 March 2020
École de Communication Visuelle &
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes
Nantes, France

25 February – 27 March 2020
Francis Marion University, Hyman Fine Arts Center
Florence, South Carolina, USA

22 February – 27 March 2020
Ateneo De Manila University
Manila, Philippines

22 November – 27 December 2019
Dom Słów-Izba Drukarstwa (House of Words-Print House)
Lublin, Poland

1 October – 1 November 2019
Sheridan College, Trafalgar Library
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

4 – 7 September 2019
ATypI 19, Koto City
Tokyo, Japan

17 July – 9 August 2019
The Cooper Union
New York City, USA

1 July – 30 September 2019
PJITK (Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology)
Warsaw, Poland

20 – 29 June 2019
École de Communication Visuelle (EVC)
Lille, France

12 June – 10 July 2019
Takeo Mihoncho Honten Gallery
Tokyo, Japan

13 – 22 May 2019
Under Stand Avenue
Seoul, Zuid Korea

Lecture and workshop by Just van Rossum at PXL-MAD, School of Arts

Thursday 13 February, READSEARCH organised a lecture and workshop given by Just van Rossum on the occasion of MOSTERD, a graphic design festival at PXL-MAD.

Just talked about the graphic design of- and need for collaboration with other designers. During his workshop, the students learned syntax principles in Python and opportunities that Drawbot offers.

The World’s Best typography TDC 40th Annual out now!

Last week I received the World’s Best Typography of 2018 catalogue by the Type Directors Club (New York City) and Verlag Hermann Schmidt (Mainz). I’m really glad that my work is also represented amongst all the talent in this well designed and printed book.
Special thanks to my promotors prof. dr. Ann Bessemans + dr. Geoffrey Brusatto and PXL-MAD for making this possible.

Printing Plant Art Book Fair Amsterdam 24 November

Printing Plant‘ is a fabulous but intimate and bespoke three-day artbook fair organized by Looiersgracht 60. Artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Amsterdam’s history, and Printing Plant offers a new and much-needed platform for the progressive publications being produced there, with over 60 participants, lectures and book launches.

Publications in show Public Secrets of Bureau Europa

From 29.08 to 06.10.2019 the exhibition Public Secrets. An Architecture of Limburg’s Visual Culture. is displayed at Bureau Europa (Platform for architecture & design Maastricht).

The group exhibition Public Secrets provides the first impetus for a sample of this region’s current visual culture. Image, imaging, and image culture have a relationship to, even an unprecedented grip on, our Self-image.

“Janneke Janssen takes us on a mystical yet meticulously researched stroll through a local cemetery and on such a visual walk through the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, along depictions and representations of the Roman Catholic church and Mary in particular.”

“Graphic designer and researcher Janneke Janssen (1983, Koningslust) takes a different approach to reading her surroundings by folding time and place into each other in a search for connections that may or may not be there. She investigates local phenomena found in public space, such as a cemetery or a statue of Mary. Or she scours her family photo albums for religious imagery found simple gestures such as clasped hands – an internalised Catholic symbolism and visual language – and puts her findings into full-colour poster books. Her sharp observations string together symbols and rearranges them according to a new logic. As a (typo-)graphic designer, she then collates these rearrangements into a new structure that is presented in book form, in magazines or in posters. In the spirit of the Situationists, one can wander through a cemetery or along iconic images of women in the Euregio.”

With: Sara Bachour & Gladys Zeevaarders, Dear Hunter, Janneke Janssen, Tineke Kambier, Chris Keulen, Chaim van Luit, George Meijers, Tanja Ritterbex, Johannes Schwartz, Nic. Tummers, Michiel Ubels & Mike Moonen, Kim Zwarts & special guest Ken Knabb